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Jul 19, 2019

Episode 056 artwork

Episode Notes

Professor Adam Taylor is a very modern anatomist who is on hand to correct our misconceptions around this important discipline. It's wrong to think anatomy is an old science and there is no more to learn. There are seven billion people on the planet and no two people are the same. We talk cadavers, dissection and how we teach anatomy these days. We also get into the public understanding of anatomy and research Adam has done suggests knowledge levels are surprisingly low. So, if your anatomy doesn't stretch much beyond the knee bone is connected to the ankle bone... then this episode is going to open your eyes to anatomical science.

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Dr Adam Taylor - Lancaster Medical School
Twitter: @adatomy
Paper on anatomy: What do the public know about anatomy?: Anatomy education to the public and the implications
Research: Fabella prevalence rate increases over 150 years, and rates of other sesamoid bones remain constant: a systematic review
Vybarr Cregan-Reid on Episode 043 of Blokeology
Palmaris longus - have you got one? Where are my body organs?

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