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Oct 12, 2018

Episode Notes

I was at the RCGP Conference last week so I talk about my experience of conferences and trying to look after my health and wellbeing while I was away. I had some success and came home feeling less exhausted than I usually do. I also reflect on my own biases and on the past three episodes with André Tomlin on mental health and evidence-based medicine, Phil Cain on alcohol and its harms, and Peter Francis on running and healthy habits.


André Tomlin, The Mental Elf: Episode 028 (not 29 as I say in the podcast...)
Peter Francis on tendonitis, barefoot running, and building good habits in Episode 027
Phil Cain on alcohol in Episode 026.

Sufferfest videos for turbo training
5x5 Stronglifts app
MyFitnessPal for calorie counting
SMMGP Clinical Update Archive

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