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Hey folks, Euan here. Thanks for checking out Blokeology.

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Jul 20, 2018

Episode 017 Keith and Gary Moseley

In this episode I have an interview with Keith and Gary Moseley from Run Daddy Run. They are both relatively new to runners and we talk about they got into it. We've plenty of useful tips for newbies as well as more experienced runners. Keith, Gary's father, has taken up running later in life and Gary wanted to do something to help his health and manage his weight. They went on to set up the Facebook group, Run Daddy Run, and we delve into the importance of running community and how much it means to them.

Catch up with them at the Facebook group Run Daddy Run and the website


Note: We have some problems with the Skype connection at the very start of the interview. All the kinks are straightened out by the 4 minute point so it's all spot on from there.