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Hey folks, Euan here. Thanks for checking out Blokeology.

The main site is at but the good people at Libsyn host the podcast and so this microsite exists with just the podcast episodes.

Hop over to the site and you will find all the podcasts there plus loads more posts covering evidence that I hope will help your health, fitness and lifestyle.


Oct 26, 2018

Episode Notes

Professor Rory O'Connor is the Director of the Suicide Behaviour Research Laboratory in Glasgow and one of the world's leading experts on tackling suicide. Suicide is a complex topic with no easy answers but it affects everyone and the research shows that men are three times as likely to kill themselves...

Oct 19, 2018

Episode Notes

Sönke Ahrens has written a book How to Take Smart Notes that could completely revolutionise how you go about this deceptively simple task. This episode digs into a slightly different area of lifestyle - reading, writing, and thinking. It doesn't matter if you are an academic, a student, a non-fiction...

Oct 12, 2018

Episode Notes

I was at the RCGP Conference last week so I talk about my experience of conferences and trying to look after my health and wellbeing while I was away. I had some success and came home feeling less exhausted than I usually do. I also reflect on my own biases and on the past three episodes with André...

Oct 5, 2018

Episode Notes

André Tomlin started the website The Mental Elf back in 2011 and he has built it into a remarkable and detailed resource with 100s of contributors and a constant stream of freely available advice on research relevant to mental health. He's also had personal experience of postnatal depression and he...