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Hey folks, Euan here. Thanks for checking out Blokeology.

The main site is at but the good people at Libsyn host the podcast and so this microsite exists with just the podcast episodes.

Hop over to the site and you will find all the podcasts there plus loads more posts covering evidence that I hope will help your health, fitness and lifestyle.


Jul 19, 2019

Episode 056 artwork

Episode Notes

Professor Adam Taylor is a very modern anatomist who is on hand to correct our misconceptions around this important discipline. It's wrong to think anatomy is an old science and there is no more to learn. There are seven billion people on the planet and no two people are the same. We talk cadavers,...

Jul 5, 2019

Episode Notes

We don't just eat because we are hungry. It's a bit more complicated than that. Dr Charlotte Hardman is a researcher who knows all about the psychological determinants of appetite and eating behaviour. We talk about how we should approach food. She highlights how strictly controlling what you eat can...

Jun 21, 2019

Episode Notes

Professor David Cranston FRCS is a consultant urological surgeon and comes on the podcast this week to talk about prostate cancer and PSA testing. Should you get PSA screening? The evidence doesn't support national screening programmes but individuals can still choose to be tested. Some urologists do,...

Jun 7, 2019


Episode 053 Blokeology logo

Episode Notes

Colour blindness is not a fringe concern. The numbers are big: 1 in 12 boys; 1 in 200 women, and 1 in every classroom. Overall, it means about 300 million people across the planet and it's mostly men. Kathryn Albany-Ward has been raising awareness of the challenges of colour blindness since 2010....

May 24, 2019

Episode 052 Blokeology logo

Episode Notes

Pixie Turner is a passionate advocate for a science-based approach to food and she doesn't forget the importance of it fitting with the rest of our lives: being active, sleep, and our mental health. She has gone from self-declared "wellness w****r" to registered nutritionist with a Masters degree to back...